Open the door of living knowledge !
Open the door of living knowledge !
Learning is not only happening in books.
A time for yourself in a beautiful setting
A time for yourself in a beautiful setting
Yoga, meditation, nature, walks... all you need to connect with yourself.
Language learning: a social experience !
Language learning: a social experience !
French: more than a simple communication tool, a true opportunity to meet others.
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Come aboard
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Come to France to improve your French and practice Yoga. Helped by an experienced teacher you will be visiting one of the most beautiful area of France, meeting its inhabitants while receiving daily classes of French and Yoga in a unique way.


I took private French conversation lessons from Olivier in Vancouver, Canada for about two years. It was a great treat to have Olivier as my teacher. Olivier is so personable and very engaging, I always looked forward to our lessons. He always created a great balance of grammar and conversation. And the conversations covered a myriad of topics and current events. After Olivier left Vancouver and traveled around Latin America, I still had opportunities for Skype lessons with him. I highly recommend Olivier as a teacher for anyone who wants to learn French. You will learn more than just French as he has many great interests! Apprenons le français!

Ruby M.


I thoroughly enjoyed having Olivier as my French language teacher for over a year and a half of lessons. Not only was he an excellent and knowledgeable instructor, but he was also a wonderful person to get to know. Our sessions were always a time of enjoyable learning and conversation that I eagerly anticipated. Olivier knew how to communicate the formal elements of grammar and instruction, while also filling the lessons with informal hints and fun. I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending him as an instructor to anyone wishing to learn French.

David L.


It was a pleasure working with Olivier. He showed great strengths as a teacher. Within a couple of sessions, Olivier was able to recognize my weak areas and tailored the lessons accordingly, as a result I was able to correct the mistakes that I didn't realize I was making before. Just because one speaks the language does not mean that one knows how to teach it. Olivier was certainly not one of those. He was patient and knew how to explain complex grammatical points. I was glad to have found him as a tutor!

Thang H.

General Director

I was almost beginner French student who needed to achieve level 3 of the TEF (B1) for my Canadian immigration application. My experience with Olivier was great, as he always took my requests into consideration as to what topics I felt like I needed working on. In addition, he gave me great suggestions for the exam. I felt that he was very sincere and cared about my results and was always great at keeping me motivated. Lastly I would like to mention that I took the exam end of January and achieved better results than I actually needed. I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much Olivier.
Nadia A.

Nadia A.

I extremely enjoyed taking classes with Olivier. He is both very personable and organized. With me he followed an effective and engaging methodology for developing new vocabulary. You can tell that Olivier is passionate about teaching, and I highly recommend him.

Alexandra F.

Professor Assistant, School of Computing Science


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Manager & Instructor
Administrate & Manage "Stretch Your French", Organize the retreats, Teach French & Yoga with passion & joyfully facilitate most activities.

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French Chef
Cleverly search and buy organics & local products. Consciously and creatively composes and cook all meals with a large dose of love

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